[Bf-committers] render spare frame and short sequence together

Francesco Paglia f.paglia.80 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 06:16:44 CET 2014

Hi everyone!

While rendering a short video I had the need of re-render spare frame that
crashed on the renderfarm... some times the frames were "concatenated" like
110,111,112,113 some time not.

so I tried to add those frames in a single batch process in this way:
blender -b filname.blend -f 84 -f 96 -s 110 -e 113 -s 137 -e 139 -a

what I got is just the spare frames and the  latest group of frames defined
in the animation so I was forced to add each frame manually like  -f 84 -f
96 -f 110 -f 111 -f 112 -f 113  ....

Wouldn't it be better if we can easily write a line much shorter and easier
to read for a human being like the following:

blender -b filename.blend -f 84,96,110-113,137-139,145

Waiting for your feedback!
ciao Francesco

Francesco Paglia
Vfx and Production Supervisor

e-mail   f.paglia.80 at gmail.com

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