[Bf-committers] Addressing Vertical Tab Concerns - Followup

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Sun Feb 9 20:38:36 CET 2014

I wanted to ask in what aspect were the concerns actually discussed. I don't
see any real discussion on the page provided, and it almost seems to me this
space was provided just to ~ silence ~ any protests...reminds me of the 
process in some democratic countries, where everybody can say everything, 
but it has no influence on what will actually happen. 
I mean, the serious issue is really that these tabs might not be the best 
choice from the beginning. 
My personal experience so far - they are better than nothing, but they are 
not fast to use, hard readable, taking extra space. I think there are 
definitely better ways to handle UI clutter. Maybe something less fancy but 
more usable in work process.
Although this mail might seem a bit angry(and yes, it is.), I still want to 
say thank you for your work. I understand you see it as the best thing which
can be done and I appreciate every effort in improving the UI.

I would really love if the Blender foundation would as a deciding element be
able to step in, and would invest some money and time into designing things 
in the UI. Then it could define some guidelines which would be based on real
usability research, and these would be obligatory for developers. I know 
this is not such a totally free model, but my opinion is it would in long 
term lead to better software. Now we have an experiment(one of possibly many
better/worse solutions), which will be in a release in a short time, and 
will become a standard for a long time again.

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