[Bf-committers] E key eyedropper tool... add icon?

CoDEmanX codemanx at gmx.de
Sun Feb 9 07:20:32 CET 2014

The E shortcut works also for objects,
an icon to make it more discoverable and clickable is planned:


Am 09.02.2014 06:49, schrieb Garrett Williams:
> With the new ability to press the E key over an object picker(parenting,
> for example), it seems an eyedropper icon would be useful so the feature is
> discoverable. We already have one for the color picker when you click it,
> so I propose the eyedropper icon be added to the drop-down menu that lists
> objects for the object picker, possibly at the bottom-right(separates it
> from the actual list), to associate it with picking an object and to show
> it only when somebody intends to choose an object.
> In addition, a tooltip with the keyboard shortcut for both eyedropper
> icons(color picker, object picker) would add discoverability for the
> shortcut.
> I'm new to coding, so I certainly don't know what to change and am hoping
> this is the right list for the suggestion. I do know that Campbell Barton
> added the e-key shortcut in revision 60610, though I don't know if that
> involved the object pickers.
> ~Garrett Williams
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