[Bf-committers] E key eyedropper tool... add icon?

Garrett Williams questo at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 06:49:04 CET 2014

With the new ability to press the E key over an object picker(parenting,
for example), it seems an eyedropper icon would be useful so the feature is
discoverable. We already have one for the color picker when you click it,
so I propose the eyedropper icon be added to the drop-down menu that lists
objects for the object picker, possibly at the bottom-right(separates it
from the actual list), to associate it with picking an object and to show
it only when somebody intends to choose an object.
In addition, a tooltip with the keyboard shortcut for both eyedropper
icons(color picker, object picker) would add discoverability for the

I'm new to coding, so I certainly don't know what to change and am hoping
this is the right list for the suggestion. I do know that Campbell Barton
added the e-key shortcut in revision 60610, though I don't know if that
involved the object pickers.

~Garrett Williams

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