[Bf-committers] Cloth simulation

Иван Затравкин vaniaz at msn.com
Tue Dec 30 12:21:14 CET 2014

I have been modeling in blender recently and tried to simulate some clothes. Maybe i was doing something wrong, but i encountered several problems. First, generally results look nice, but some parts of the cloth get really messed up over time. Vertices stick out. 
Second, I could not make cloth shrink only in one direction. Like if part of it was elastic in one direction, but not others. (Rubber bands shrink only in one direction since they are essentially a large number of rubber strings).
Another thing is that it is slow. I think it is single threaded.

I heard there is a a new cloth sim project. If it is not in late stages, I would like to write cloth sim for you. But to make some things work I would need edge groups instead of vertex groups. I think I can make it in several weeks, but I'm not completely sure. I spent yesterday trying to understand how blender source works, but I have not finished yet.

Also, using the model I have in my head I can easily make cloth tearing. May be useful.  There are other physics systems I would like to work on, but first I need cloth to finish my model. 

I have education in physics and some experience with CUDA. 

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