[Bf-committers] Multi-Layer OpenEXR Paint Patch

Julian Eisel julian_eisel at web.de
Wed Dec 10 00:12:16 CET 2014

Hey all,
a guy called cusement just appeared on IRC saying he wrote a patch adding multi-layer painting support for .exr files. I asked him to submit the patch, but he said he was in "pre-christmas work stress", so he doesn't want to go through the account registration hassle. However, I see quite some potential in this patch and I don't want it to become forgotten, so I decided to quickly notify it here. If others agree about this, we could try to catch cusement and see if he's available to continue work on the patch for later inclusion (I guess "pre-christmas work stress" should be over in a few weeks, so maybe he'll find some time to create an account then :S). 
Patch: http://www.crudebyte.com/opensource/blender/blender_2.72b_openexr_paint.patch
Moar Info: http://blender.stackexchange.com/questions/19600/painting-on-openexr-multilayer-images
- Julian -

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