[Bf-committers] Regarding: Cycles support for specular color in solid shading mode

Mikhail Rachinskiy wellmaderice at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 14:33:50 CET 2014

Hi Thomas,

I am sorry for my tone, I did not mean to be rude.

> default (no) material spec - what's the big deal with it?
After Antony's last commit there is no issue with "no material". The issue
with material's color pipeline.

> An additional parameter and an if-clause with a multiplication should not be
considered as "complicated
That's usually how it starts.

> For me and my co-worker is the current solution fine
Current solution is acceptable for me, but if something could be simpler, I
think it should be simpler.

I understand Antony has more important work to do, like VSE improvements.
But in one year Updated UI Widget Style project will be finished, all
default colors may be reconsidered. By then Cycles will be default render,
and the person who will use Cycles materials to prototype default colors
for "no material" and BI default material may be confused, since Cycles
materials have no additional factors dimming down the result — they're
always be brighter than other cases.
Yes this is not crucial, but I can't say this is not important.

By the way I am actively using VSE, and every single improvement to it was
marvelous, thanks Antony.

Mikhail Rachinskiy

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