[Bf-committers] Regarding: Cycles support for specular color in solid shading mode

Mikhail Rachinskiy wellmaderice at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 10:10:30 CET 2014


considering last commit:

The difference between Cycles and Internal solid shading modes became too
noticeable and not in favor of Cycles. Last commit enables specular color
in viewport for Cycles makes it too bright and uncomfortable, because
default diffuse color intensity in Cycles is brighter than in Internal:

Here is few image comparison:
No Material: http://i.imgur.com/PPeRRKM.png
Default Material: http://i.imgur.com/1XxLmHD.png

Default Material values:
Cycles:  Diffuse RGB 0.8, intensity 1
Internal: Diffuse RGB 0.8, intensity 0.8
Cycles:  Specular RGB 1, intensity 1
Internal: Specular RGB 1, intensity 0.5

I do not know the values for “no material”.

I want to propose if not to unify colors between Cysles and Internal solid
shading modes, but at least to turn down viewport specular color for Cycles
for both no material and default material shading (as it's not affecting
render result anyway) to make it again comfortable looking.

Mikhail Rachinskiy

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