[Bf-committers] The Blender Cloud (advertising video) request for review

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Apr 28 20:56:39 CEST 2014

A few days ago Gabriel Hackett made a Blender Cloud advertising video.


I would like to ensure that the given information in that video is all
correct.  Hence it would be fine if someone from the Blender Cloud
team could review and verify the correctness of the transcript below.



Transcript: The Blender Cloud
(Advertising video by Gabriel Hackett)


The Blender foundation presents
The future of Open Content
a new way
to Learn
and share

Access hours of Blender training
The institutes best tutorials and DVDs available now!

Download all open Movie Content
Production files, Assets, Models, Rigs, Footage and more!

Follow the production of "Project Gooseberry" as it develops!
Download everything!
and anything ;)

All the Gooseberry production files
view and download as the film is created!

Upload and Share!
Upload your own files and models for your projects!

Easy access for your own team!
Forget about Dropbox or Google Drive:
share files with team members anytime, anywhere!
(this feature is not yet available)

Access rendering Services
Your own renderfarm, for any project big or small!
(this feature is not yet available)

support open movie creation
support blender's development
along with ... (list of teams here) ...

$12.30 per month

the Blender Cloud
more than a product
more than a service
it's an investment :)

Subscribe now!

go to cloud.blender.org

Thank you! Your subscription supports
Project gooseberry as well as future
blender development

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