[Bf-committers] Collada Importer still broken for Characters with multiple meshes/bind poses.

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Apr 19 18:27:15 CEST 2014

Hi Stefano,

A good first step is to provide a collada example (or a numnber of examples) in our tracker, so things are reported and we can have a reference for testing.

Same I would do for fbx files - same characters/animations preferably.

Then also report on which software can be used to read these files properly? 

FBX is getting much more attention now than Collada. Might be a closer target to get done.


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On 18 Apr, 2014, at 18:52, Stefano Corazza wrote:

> Dear BlenderDevs,
> Here is long term Blender partner Mixamo speaking, with over 200,000 
> users among which Blender users is one of the largest groups.
> At the moment he #1 issue with Blender for game development and 
> animation is non-native importing of assets. We get a lot of complaints. 
> In fact Collada 1.4.1 importer still has a major limitation: it does not 
> support multiple meshes/bind poses, which affects a large portion of 
> characters.
> Here a test case where Blender simply crashes: 
> https://developer.blender.org/file/info/PHID-FILE-2kleiwpxahd6to6lac5y/#
> As FBX import is not an option at the moment (no support for animation) 
> we would bring this up to your attention and hopefully escalate as it 
> has been broken for a long time and many many people are complaining 
> about it. Happy to provide more test cases and to test the fixes.
> Thanks!!!
> Stefano
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