[Bf-committers] Blender developers meeting - April 6, 2014

Jacob Merrill blueprintrandom1 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 18:02:34 CEST 2014

Any word on any harmony or candy branch making it into 2.7x? Hardware
armature skins or inferred lighting?

These features were written long ago, but I don't know how easy they are to
Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting in irc.freenode.net #blendercoders.

1) Blender 2.70a update

- Check the long list of fixes already:

- Proposal is to do the 'a' release mid this week. Sergey Sharybin and
Campbell Barton will coordinate it.

2) Release targets for 2.71

- Updated the project page:

- We should move to "BCon2" now, but several developers have to confirm
wheter their proposed projects for 2.71 will make it (Compositor,
Multiview, Baking, ...).

- Martijn Berger tested new OpenCL drivers (private beta). Even though it's
a big step forward, it won't justify enabling OpenCL in Blender for the
next release.

3) Other projects

- Per April, Tamito Kajiyama works for Blender Development fund on
Freestyle targets.

Everyone who's interested in his work can join the NPR mailing list.



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