[Bf-committers] Surface and Volume modeling with new developed Bezier-Surface math

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Sat Sep 21 02:31:38 CEST 2013

Hi Roland,

There's are various known methods to extend 2D curves to 3D surfaces,
like NURBS, Catmull-Clark, Loop subdivision surfaces or T-Splines. I
can't tell from the description, but maybe you derived a similar
algorithm independently? For some new surface representation to be
added to Blender I guess it would need to have compelling properties
that existing algorithms don't have.


On Fri, Sep 20, 2013 at 9:04 PM, Roland Adorni <rol at solnet.ch> wrote:
> Dear Blender-Developer-Community
> I am not sure who I have to contact with this but I found this mailing
> list in your contact page and so I registered and post it here.
> I am not the most skilled 3D modeler and so I often wondered how 3D
> volume modeling could be done better.
> I figured out that I can very well shape 2D objects with the Bezier
> curves and wondered how they can be enhanced to model surfaces and volume.
> So I took a look at the math and did some first calculations and tests
> with octave (matlab clone)  and wxMaxima (mathematica clone) and the
> first results look promising to me.
> Different to the known Bezier surface you can find in the wiki the
> surface in my approach will not use a grid. It's defined by the corner
> points and legs like we have it in the 2D case.
> With it it's possible forexample to create a sphere out of 6 such
> points. (same leg length value as you have it in the 2D case)
> -> The 4 points as you have it in your 2D-Bezier circle and an
> additional point on x (0,0,1) and one on (0.0,-1) building 8
> Bezier-surface triangles.
> In basics the Bezier surface I calculate is a bit a more natural
> enhancement of the 2D Bezier curve reduced to the really required points
> only. The math behind it is not too complicated and should be well
> implementable.
> Let me know who to contact if you have interest.
> best regards
> rad
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