[Bf-committers] Freeing the 3D manipulator.

Gert De Roost paleajed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 22:47:29 CEST 2013


I added a patch to the tracker that adds two new transform orientation
modes to the 3D viewport.

The first, called "Set", will enable the user to reposition/rotate the
manipulator widget, without it having any effect on the geometry under it
(setting manipulator state). This can be done using the manipulator itself
or using Gkey/Rkey. It also fully supports X/Y/Z constraints and

When the manipulator is set, the user should select the second new
transform orientation, called "Free", which will keep the manipulator in
its "Set" location/rotation but will then allow this manipulator to be used
to transform geometry.

With current Blender, freely setting the manipulator only works using 3D
cursor, which not allows to set rotation, neither supports X/Y/Z
constraining or versatile CTRL-snapping.

I hope this will be considered and am open to discussion,

Gert De Roost.

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