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Jan-Peter Ewert janpeter at valvesoftware.com
Thu Sep 5 15:47:49 CEST 2013

Hi Jan, 

I have a few volunteers from the community who would be willing to maintain the Steam store page and to supply the current version of Blender. If possible, I would like to have someone with direct ties to the foundation do it, simply because they probably know best e.g. what updates should be shipping and what news about Blender are worth sharing on Steam as well. 

Doing this is not rocket science, the Steam backend now has a very simple and approachable user interface for managing content and we can support 32bit/64bit on Windows/Mac/Linux without DRM. 

No, there is not a lot to be done, we just got a little backlogged because of Gamescom and the large number of new games we just allowed onto Steam at the same time. 

Best, Jan 

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Hi Jan-Peter

Is at this time known how and who is going to manage the Steam store page for Blender? Will Valve (help to) handle this?

I like to help wherever possible. As mentioned in an earlier port, I'm not a Blender developer but a Blender user.

I don't know what's happening behind the scenes, but some questions remain;

- Who is going to set up and manage the Steam store page?
- Will Valve automatically download the latest releases of Blender?
- Is there anything specific needed to be done before Blender will appear on Steam?

The newsgroup discussion seems to go in all directions, also because many people never used Steam or have experience with actual publishing of content on Steam. Maybe some information about what already has been done to further the release of Blender on Steam can help focus the discussion toward the (future) technical issues like Blender addons and how in the future the connection is made between Blender (addons) and the Steam Workshop.

Having Blender on Steam is in my opinion the first step toward getting the (game developers) community involved in the next step; creating im- and export addons.

Best regards,
Jan 'LOGAN' Albartus

On 2013-08-28 10:00, Jan-Peter Ewert wrote:
> Hi Ton,
> We are currently working on improving the ingestion process for various file formats on our end, but that is indeed an entirely different topic. I don't expect an import path for .blend files to happen anytime soon, since these can do a lot more than what we will probably ever need.
> A more realistic goal would be to work on improved import and export paths between Blender and game engine files, including solid support for character rigging, weight maps, facial animation setups etc. Doing that within Blender plugins and making these available both to the general Blender community at Blender.org and via Steam seems to be the best way from my perspective to gain momentum.
> I believe the right order should be to bring the current version of Blender to Steam soon, with a few useful existing plugins included in the initial download or as DLC, and to go from there in making people on Steam interested in Blender. That's something that could happen within the next couple of weeks within our regular release calendar.
> Best, Jan-Peter

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