[Bf-committers] Monday Developer Meeting, Blender Institute

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Wed Oct 30 14:44:11 CET 2013

A few comments on this to clarify.

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 5:04 PM, Dalai Felinto <dfelinto at gmail.com> wrote:
> * Viewport VFX II:
>  ** Brecht will handle it
>  ** He will try to break it down in merge-able pieces
>  ** OPENGL ES should be extensively tested

I didn't say I would break it down into merge-able pieces or merge it
myself, maybe that ends up happening, but no such decision was taken.
Only mentioned that the best merging strategy could be to do it in
smaller pieces, to avoid making all of Blender unstable, and it would
make it easier to detect which exact changes caused which graphics
drivers / cards to fail.

> * Hives will be an addon_contrib

I don't think this was an actual decision that was made, just that it
made sense to the people there to add it there first like most addons.
But this is the decision of addon and BGE maintainers and they weren't
at this meeting.

> * No new release in a while - stretching the current release cycle

Also no hard decisions on dates taken here, but people seemed to agree
that this would very likely be a longer release cycles than the
typical 2-3 month schedule.


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