[Bf-committers] Monday Developer Meeting, Blender Institute

Dalai Felinto dfelinto at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 17:04:03 CET 2013

Dear all,

We didn't have the traditional 'dev meeting' during the Blender Conference,
but we have enough developers present at the Blender Institute today and we
decided to go over some topics.

Developers Present:
Andrea Weikert , Bastien Montagne (montagne), Brecht van Lommel, Dalai
Felinto,  Lukas Toenne, Keir Mierle, Sergey Sharybin and Thomas Dinges

Blender 2.69
* Pending two show-stoppers, Sergey and Brecht will look at it
* It can be done today, we look at tracker and ahoy tonight

* BGE LOD and Bug Fixing/Polishing:
 ** Ready for trunk

* Painting tool improvements:
 ** Lukas on charge to handle that
 ** Proposal: Campbell, Sergey/Brecht to review it
 ** UI needs more work, to be reviewed by Brecht
 ** The rest will be reviewed by Sergey

* Cycles projects under Brecht responsibility
 ** “Texturing for Volume Rendering in Cycles”
 ** “Cycles Deformation Motion Blur”

* Sketch Mesh Editing:
 ** Howard Trickey is going to review.
 ** To consider whether it’s worthy stripping off the mergeable parts

* Viewport VFX II:
 ** Brecht will handle it
 ** He will try to break it down in merge-able pieces
 ** OPENGL ES should be extensively tested

* Expand and improve motion tracking:
 ** Keir may take over the development, it should be partially ready by the
merging window

* Dependency Graph and Evaluation:
 ** It's up to Joshua

* Threaded Object update for dependency graph
 ** Brecht will finish review and Sergey will merge soon

* Rigid Body Simulation:
 ** Sergey will contact Sergej/Mint

* Cycles: Add new shader nodes
 ** Done and merged

* “Towards a full User action replay system”:
 ** Bastien Montagne will review everything non-toolbar
 ** UI team (lead by Brecht) will review the toolbar part of it

2.70 Targets
 ** Organize the tasks and roles
 ** Refresh defaults (e.g, LMB/RMB)
 ** Layouts
 ** [temptative] Toolbar (GSOC project)
 ** Other low-hanging fruits

* New Developer Site
 ** Phabricator
 ** git.blender.org
 ** Open first for developers
 ** Sandbox for people to try the system first

* Hives will be an addon_contrib

* No new release in a while - stretching the current release cycle

* Bastien and Dalai work can be merged as they get ready, to coordinate
with Campbell
(Normals, Triangulation, FPS navigation)

* OpenImageIO remaining fixes: Dalai may take over on Brecht’s alpha duties

* Make sure we have some of the pre-established targets for 2.7x in time
for 2.70
 ** we don’t want 2.70 to just be a natural number increment from 2.69

Unity Tests
 ** It should be considered as part of 2.7x targets to allow scalability
for Blender Development (a must for Gooseberry)
 ** It’s a big task that is orphan. It may not make for 2.7 (unless someone

Module Organization
* Tied to the new developer website

Automatic Builds
* No one to take over this work, but for the sake of records:
** To have automatic build for trunk/master always working
** To have an option for developers to manually trigger build of branches
in 3 OSs
** To hook up automatic update of pydocs to BI machines


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