[Bf-committers] Joining objects and merging UV Layouts has Changed in Behaviour (2.69)

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Tue Oct 15 16:50:00 CEST 2013

I understand that joining by index is not so good.
And yes, i can rename the UV Layers before joining
to avoid the problem.

But honestly i believe this behavioral change of Blender
is not completely implemented. I believe that adding
a "Combine UV Layers" function is necessary to allow
this change to propagate to 2.69

Because the "Combine UVLayers" function is the only way
to clean up after the damage has happened.


If "Combine UV Layers" can't be added now, then
what about this workaround:

If any part contains more than one UV Layer
     join UV Layers by name
     join UV Layers

And add an option to unconditionally join by UV Name.

This would allow old behavior which works very well in most cases
(since i guess most objects only have one layer and join of UV Layers
is probably wanted) and still takes care of more complex scenarios
where objects have multiple UV Layers.

Then replace this workaround by a "Combine UV Layers" Operator
in the future.


On 15.10.2013 13:00, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> The reason why not is that the index of layers is not supposed to have
> any meaning, so there also should not be any option to join by index.
> The question should not be "why not" but "why", I still don't see a
> good argument to join by index? It's not because an option is simple
> to add or can be useful in some possible case that we should add it,
> this just leads to clutter.

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