[Bf-committers] Blender new interface suggestion

metalliandy metalliandy666 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 14 18:46:12 CEST 2013

I think re-adding floating panels as we had in 2.49 is a good idea. 
Quite often I would like to see only the properties for a tool and the 
floating panels allowed me to move those properties exactly where I 
wanted at any given time, while not showing the rest of the gui. I also 
miss the old Scripts view in 2.49 too. It would be nice to have a custom 
area that was only for addons like this.

The topshelf ala Maya is a great idea too :)


On 14/10/2013 14:43, Crs Mrn wrote:
> I have a suggestion for you: a new Blender interface. The actual one is
> quite claustrophobic. The viewport is too small compared to the surrounding
> pannels. I suggest you to make an interface similar to Maya. There are a
> lot of 3D softwares that use this kind of interface , with icons. From
> Blender 2.5 , the interface got better . Here is what I propose next:
> Tool shelf- very thin, with tools with icons.
> File/edit bar updated so the edges and specials menus to be easily found
> there.
> Object mode/edit mode/sculpt mode button moved up, above the 3D view.
> Smaller frame bar.
> The idea is that the 3D view window to be as big as possible, and the other
> elements arranged in a more intuitive way, to be more confortable to the
> user. Also, an upper icon shelf is also good to add.
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