[Bf-committers] (Why) we need selecting of multiple Vertex groups ...

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Oct 14 15:58:22 CEST 2013


I have been chatting with venomgfx about vertex group tools.
venomgfx proposed to implement something like a
"vertex group combiner" which would merge 2 vgroups together.
The idea is to allow "replace", "overwrite", "add", etc...
on this operation.

Now there is a problem: We can not select multiple vgroups.
Hence we can notdefine which vgroups shall be combined.

I also had a chat with mont29 about selecting multiple items
from a list.This is currently not possible, but according
to mont29 could be addedwithout much pain provided that the
items listed in the list have a select statein their
data structures.

Now i took a quick look into the weight tools to see
how these tools could benefit from a vgroup select

- transfer weights(currently works only between meshes)
   while transfer weights function copies vertex groups,
   itdoes this only for copying the groups from one mesh
   to another mesh.The select state could allow to filter
   which vgroups should be copied from the source meshes.
   (filter: "selected vgroups" ...)

- copy vertex group (creates a copy of selected vgroup)
   This function could perform like:

   * if only one group is selected:
create a new copy of this group(current behaviour)
   * if multiple vgroups are selected:
copy the active vgroup to the selected vgroups
         in the operator panel allow copy modes
         like "replace", "overwrite", "add", etc...

- combine vertex groups (currently does not exist)
   This tool could work only when multiple vgroups are
   selected and perform thecopy option by default.
   In the operator panel allow copy modes
   like "replace", "overwrite", "add", etc...

- All remaining weight tools could benefit from an additional filter
   "selected vgroups"

So, please let me know if "multiple vgroup select" can be implemented,
and which cans of worms might need to be emptied first :)


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