[Bf-committers] PSD file is not displayed with a file choice screen of Image Editor.(r60621)

PerfectionCat sindra1961reborn at yahoo.co.jp
Sun Oct 13 03:09:30 CEST 2013

Because I could not always use the Internet, I was behind with a report.
Because I understood the cause that a thumbnail is not displayed definitely, I report it.
This may occur with all the users using the version not to be able to read your psd file definitely.
Blender judges that there is the cause for a picture file when Blender cannot make a thumbnail definitely.
Therefore Blender does not update a thumbnail unless a picture file is updated.
There are two solutions in this.
One of the methods updates the update date of the picture file.
Remaining one deletes the thumbnail that Blender failed in making.
Blender records the thumbnail that failed in making.
In the case of Windows XP, there is a file in the following folders.

Documents and Settings/user name//.thumbnails/fail/blender/

If you delete the PNG file in this folder, Blender is going to make a thumbnail newly.


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>dfelinto, you speak as follows in Bug Tracker.
>It is Like the fish.psd Can you attach a PSD file that doesnt work
>dfelinto said.
>"This points out that the thumbnail of psd file enclosed by PhotoShop is not displayed."
>I confirm that data for thumbnails are acquired in psdinput.cpp.
>However, it is not drawn with a file opening screen.
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