[Bf-committers] Blender as a sound/music software

Crs Mrn mahri726 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 13:16:13 CEST 2013

So...firstly Blender low poly 3D modeller, an organic modeller, a game
engine and a movie editor. I've got a cool concept of something to add:
Sound editor. As an indie game developprr, you often use the same instances
of sounds than hundreds or thousands used before, with no editing.
Secondly, if in a game there are more sound sources that emmit the same
sound, let's say the fountains in Oblivion, an unpleasant effect of
filtering appears. So you need more instances of the same sound. So, for
indies, a sound creation/facility would be useful. Are there free resources
for the effects or generators? Yes...there are thousands of free VST
plugins ready for use in any situation . Here is the interface I've tought

There are two windows, one above the other. The lower one, smaller, is the
mixer. It contains channels. Above each channel, there is a jack.
The Upper window, bigger, is the canvas. Here each effect or generator is
displayed as a loose box that shows an icon with that vst interface in case
of effect vst, or a preview of notes, in the case of a generator vst.
Clicking a box brings up the full vst interface. Clicking the notes button
on the generator plugin box brings up the midi notes editor(if you simply
click on box, the generator interface, let's say Kontakt 5, is
displayed.).    As I mentioned, each box can be moved around on the canvas.
Each box has an output, respectively an imput for effects plugin. Each box
can be connected with the other, as in the case of Blender Shaders. The
final connection is from the last effect to one of the jacks on the
mixer.     So...here are the steps .
1. File >import> generator vst.
A box appears with that vst interface.
2. Click the notes button on the box
A midi table appears, allowing me to edit notes.
3. Close the notes window and click on the middle of the box, now with
notes preview on it
   The Kontakt interface appears, allowing me to select instrument.
4. File-import-effect vst
Another box appears.
3. Connect generator output to effect imput.
4. Connect effect output to one of the coresponding mixer channel jack and
you're done.

   What do you think?

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