[Bf-committers] Surface and Volume modeling with new developed Bezier-Surface math

Roland Adorni rol at solnet.ch
Fri Oct 4 19:48:49 CEST 2013

On 03.10.2013 23:48, Michael Fox wrote:
> let me see if i understand this correctly, does this mean you can have a
> bezier surface point that can have more than 2 handles? (btw, i can
> barely see whats going on because of the handles ;) )

Yes. There are classic meshes as core for now. The vertices become the 
bezier points and for each edge of the vertices you get a handle. The 
handles are auto-calculated and lay on an autocalculated tangential 
plane of vertices. Since I can't create an editor from scratch I have to 
start with what we have. And editable classic meshes is what we have.

My idea is to use those handles later for "quick" 3D Modeling of curved 
objects. I pretty much like what you can do with the Bezier-Path in 2D.
I learnt to know and value them by useing SVG drawing tool like 
Inkscape. So I would like to have the same system for 3D volume modeling 
more or less.

With all the already existing methods I still have a very hard time to 
get a shape that meets my expectation. Sure there are some extremely 
good sub-surfacing tools and the results look really really good and 
smooth but it never is the shape I liked to have and I somehow fail to 
tune it into the shape I want. I even have a hard time with the 
sculpting tool.

There is only one other system/tool next to the bezier path thing I can 
well work with and that's what ShapeShop does. You draw the shape in 2D 
and in blews it up into a volume. Very easy to use and it keeps your 
drawn shape exactly. Did my very first animated object with this.

I will see how far I get with my Bezier Surface/Volume thing. I already 
see that it requires a lot more. But that's fine. Would be boring otherwise.

@Brecht: thank you for the link

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