[Bf-committers] Surface and Volume modeling with new developed Bezier-Surface math

Roland Adorni rol at solnet.ch
Thu Oct 3 20:31:51 CEST 2013


You were correct. My example was too simple. Indeed I get sharp edges 
instead smooth ones for general objects.

Here are my first results:



I believe I know how to correct it however it means the still rather 
simple calculation becomes a lot more tricky.

I like that Blender-Python scripting capability. Allows me to do changes 
and directly see the results.


p.s. given I have 2 vectors and store them  in python with:  a = (2,3,4) 
and  b=(4,5,6).  Does Python have vector operation for this "things" 
(addition, dot multiplication, scaling.. etc)? Didn't really want to use 
or create a class for just 3 coords. :/

On 21.09.2013 22:09, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> In your example it seems you have 6 regular vertices with nice
> matching handles, but if you want to do more complex shapes, things
> aren't so simple anymore. If a vertex doesn't have 4 neighbours, what
> happens then? The tricky thing is extending such a method to arbitrary
> topology, while still keeping the surface smooth.

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