[Bf-committers] Simple Deform modifier setting removed?

Linus Wiklander linus.wiklander at gmail.com
Fri Nov 29 18:56:55 CET 2013


Then I guess all I'm asking for is better information when changes are 
made that break old files.
Perhaps it boils down to a documentation issue.

Thanks for the input nontheless :)

/ Linus

> The problem with this is...
> * you have files that can't be upgraded (old feature gets 'stuck').
> * 2+ objects can behave differently with no user visible reason why.
> * theres no way to control the option (whereas the old blender could
> control it).
> * Theres features in blender which can't be tested (without first
> creating files in an older version).
> Sometimes removing access to features in the UI but not the code
> happens (by accident I think), and we get bug reports that a file
> loaded from an old blender has different behavor then a new file with
> the same settings,
> such issues take investigation from the user and developer to figure
> out the cause of the problem.
> So I dont think it works to half remove features like this, the only
> thing I can think to improve feature removal is to deprecate features
> and give warnings, then remove in the next release.

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