[Bf-committers] File -> Open ... "open as startup file" and a bit more ...

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Wed Nov 27 15:55:22 CET 2013

On Wed, Nov 27, 2013 at 1:50 PM, Gaia <gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org> wrote:
> -------------------------------------------------------
> 1.) Add a checkbox to the File -> Open panel:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>      [ ] open as startup file
> When this box is checked, then the file opens without
> its file name memorized.Then an attemptto do a
>      File -> Save
> will not overwrite the file but ask for a new store location.
> Note: This checkmark will need to be accessible from python
> as wellso that we can script "open file as startup file"
> If we would get this checkmark and nothing else i would
> already be very happy.
> btw: at least on windows we can not simply make the
> blend file readonly. This would ensure the file content
> keeps untouchable but ... well, try it out yourself what
> happens, certainly this was not my expectation. But well...

Can you explain the purpose of this? If it's mostly for python scripts
then it's perhaps better to make bpy.data.is_saved editable.

If it's to avoid users accidentally saving over this .blend file, then
I'm not sure it's very effective. It seems likely users will forget to
check this option if they also forget to not save over this file. Or
they open .blend files by double click in a file browser outside of
Blender, and this option is never presented to them.

> -------------------------------------------------------
> 2.) Add a checkbox to the File -> Open panel:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>      [ ] include preference settings
> When this box is checked, then any preference settings
> which are possibly stored in the.blend file will be
> loaded as well.
> Note: This checkmark will need to be accessible from python
> as wellso that we can script "open file with preferences"
> I am not sure if this checkmark is really needed. Actually
> we could live with: "if user preferences are in the
> blend file, then import them unconditionally" but somehow
> i prefer to give the user the option to choose.

Currently startup.blend and userpref.blend are save separately, so
these kinds of files can't be created anymore. But I guess that's what
the next item is for.

> -------------------------------------------------------
> 3.) Add a checkbox to the File -> Save as... panel:
> -------------------------------------------------------
>      [ ] include preferences
> This checkmark will allow us (creators/tutors/users)
> to createstartup blend files without need to go over this loop:
> - save current startup file
> - store as default
> - move new startup file to other location
> - restore old startup file

I would like to understand the use cases for this option.

The user preferences right now also contain settings that are system
specific, like settings to make Blender work well with their graphics
card, or a key configuration to make Blender work with their tablet,
etc. I'm not sure you want those things included.


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