[Bf-committers] Audaspace

Jörg Müller nexyon at gmail.com
Tue Nov 26 23:58:42 CET 2013


sorry for those who read most of this mail already, I accidentially sent
it to bf-gamedev first. As some of you already noticed, I'm working on
releasing audaspace as a separate library so that other open source
projects can benefit from it too, like game engines for example.

Further topics in this (longer) mail: develoment, technical changes and
If you have any feedback or questions, don't hesitate to respond!

=== Development ===

As audaspace gets developed outside of the blender codebase now, I ask
you to _not_ commit/push any changes to the audaspace subdirectory
anymore. Contact me instead if there are changes to be made! I'll move
the subdirectory to the extern instead of intern folder if everybody is
ok with that. The library will still be built as part of blender, just
like bullet right now. The official repository for audaspace will be on
github [1] where the code history will started newly. I hope that the
library gets included as package in most of the major linux
distributions and that I can find plattform maintainers for Windows and
Mac so that the library can be released officially in binary form too.
When this happens we can move to using the binary distribution inside
blender and the following technical changes will not be any problem

=== Technical Changes ===

I'm working on some bigger changes of the library architecture, that
might break compatibility with the blender code base. This includes
switching to C++11 (mostly to get rid of the boost dependency) and the
newest ffmpeg version. I'll however make sure that the version of the
library in the blender repository stays compatible obviously. If the
technical changes prevent the library from being used without
modifications in the blender codebase, I'll maintain both libraries at
the same time regarding bugfixes etc., but new features will most likely
be for the external library only.

=== License ===

I'm also changing the license to the Apace License 2.0 like cycles has
it during this process and already got an OK from all developers who
contributed to the audaspace code. Using svn nicknames the contributors are:


Other committers that show up in the commit logs are:


They only worked on build files (which got replaced for the library
obviously) and svn maintenance.

If there's anyone who worked on the code directly and hasn't been
contacted by me about the license change, please contact me immediately
so that we can sort this out!


[1] https://github.com/neXyon/audaspace

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