[Bf-committers] Helper git hooks

Julien RIVAUD (_FrnchFrgg_) frnchfrgg at free.fr
Tue Nov 26 17:37:23 CET 2013

Le 26/11/2013 15:30, Sergey Sharybin a écrit :
>> Maybe with a system that let commits pass through if they are Signed-Of-By any of {Brecht, Campbell, Sergey, Ton} ? (Same for merge
>> commits and almost any other enforced rule)
> Wouldn't work. Because it was Campbell's commits which used to break the
> whole repository because he had un-pushed local commit to addons and was
> kept doing `git commit .` from the repository root.
> So basically i wouldn't trust this Signed-Of-By because accidents happens.
Sorry, I meant Acked-By or Reviewed-By, or whatever tag Phabricator uses 
to indicate that the change was properly reviewed (by at least 2 
people). Such changes would be uncommon anyway and for a release that's 
good if the review is thorough.
> Yes, totally temporary. I'm in contact with git devs and they really wants
> this to be fixed.
> I was just totally annoyed today because like every single night repo
> became broke and buildbot failed to pull the changes and everyone who tried
> to clone the repo had issues as well.
> For until every developer uses fixed version of git, i would rather use
> some sanity-check hooks to help preventing accidents.
Of course you're right. But you cannot force people to use these hooks, 
nor expect that all install them correctly (with the executable bit on, 
etc...); that's why server hooks are safer.


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