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blenderleo blenderleo at gmx.de
Sat Nov 23 16:09:00 CET 2013

I think would be easy to make a simple addon that logs every op thats 
done and writes their python commands in a textblock.
On an other PC the addon simply ready the text and reacts.
I'm not really experienced, but I could try doing an very simple version 
of this idea.. even I agree with Brecht.

Am 23.11.2013 15:13, schrieb Gaia:
> On 23.11.2013 14:55, Jonas Wielicki wrote:
>> On 22.11.2013 16:53, Gaia wrote:
>>> blendercasting:
>>> - Similar as with screencast i start a session recorder
>>> - Mouse movements are tracked and recorded.
>>> - The recorder tracks what functions i have clicked at what time
>>>      and where on the screen.
>>> - optionally it also records audio in parallel.
>>> - maybe i can add the audio later when i playback the cast..
>> Just curious, how would you deal with processing expensive operations,
>> such as working with huge subdivisions or baking a fluidsim? They can
>> take an arbitrarily different amount of time on different systems (and
>> even fail due to OOM issues). In case they don't fail, how would you
>> keep the cast synchronized?
> Well a failing operation would be fatal :( Maybe this is a situation
> where the blendercast
> needs to tell "sorry for that, but your system has not enough resources
> to replay me..."
> Maybe the needed amount of resources could even be tracked when the
> blendercast is
> produced. Then a blendercast could test on startup if it can run
> succesfully on this computer.
> Regarding different processing times:
> The time where an operation started or finished could be recorded and
> used to
> synchronize the event playback with the audio stream. For slower
> computers the
> audio could then just wait until the system has reached the appropriate
> mark and then go ahead. For faster systems the replay could pause unilt
> the audio reaches the synchronize mark.
> Maybe also the blendercast creator can manually define synchronization marks
> for example to define where wait loops can be placed without breaking
> the audio.
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