[Bf-committers] blendercasts reloaded...

Jonas Wielicki j.wielicki at sotecware.net
Sat Nov 23 14:55:33 CET 2013

On 22.11.2013 16:53, Gaia wrote:
> blendercasting:
> - Similar as with screencast i start a session recorder
> - Mouse movements are tracked and recorded.
> - The recorder tracks what functions i have clicked at what time
>    and where on the screen.
> - optionally it also records audio in parallel.
> - maybe i can add the audio later when i playback the cast..

Just curious, how would you deal with processing expensive operations,
such as working with huge subdivisions or baking a fluidsim? They can
take an arbitrarily different amount of time on different systems (and
even fail due to OOM issues). In case they don't fail, how would you
keep the cast synchronized?


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