[Bf-committers] Simple Deform modifier setting removed?

Linus Wiklander linus.wiklander at gmail.com
Tue Nov 19 17:19:01 CET 2013

Thanks Campbell, but I'm not sure we have a common view of how the 
setting works.

The 'relative' checkbox only affects the modifier if the origin-box 
references an object. If I just add the modifier and adjust the values 
without selecting an origin object, I can still move it around without 
the deform changing, which is good. The checkbox does not make a 
difference here, all good.

If I add an empty at (0,0,0), reference it and uncheck the relative box, 
I can move the object around without the deform changing.

If, on the other hand, I add an empty at (0,0,0), reference it and check 
the relative box, the deformed object will change when I move it.

In both cases, if the empty is moved, the deform changes, but relative 
mode takes into account the object to empty relation and non-relative 
mode takes into account the empty to origin relation. I guess this is 
what you refer to in your last post.

The new version removes the checkbox and works as if 'relative' is 
always checked, which makes the object deform when it is moved. This 
requires the empty to be parented to the object in order to move it 
around, which perhaps is a better way going forward, but it is 
unfortunate that the other mode is removed altogether, breaking 
compatibility with files created in previous versions.

I thought compatibility breaking was planned for 2.7, so I don't see why 
this came now?

Is it possible to have a general approach with these types of changes?
Some sort of transitional legacy or advanced option?

I just managed to find a workaround to another change that allowed me to 
move from 2.64 to the current release when I work with these files, but 
then this issue came along instead =/

Since parenting is required to retain the shape of an object when it's 
moved, could this be added to the modifier options directly? Would make 
sense to me, but certain special cases perhaps need to be though through.
This should be suggested somewhere else perhaps?

/ Linus

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