[Bf-committers] Developer 'tools/utils' (moved into their own git repo)

Campbell Barton ideasman42 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 10:23:14 CET 2013

You may have noticed that "source/tools" and "intern/tools" aren't in
blenders git repo.

Some have been moved to:
- readme.rst has more details.

The main reason for this is so we can be more relaxed about adding
utilities, scripts, configuration files, IDE settings ... even data
files (as we had in the "source/tools/GL").

These files aren't needed for building/developing Blender and their
history isn't so important, but devs may find them handy.

Currently source/tools/GL and source/tools/CTS aren't copied over, if
any developers are still using them - no problem to add them back.

- Campbell

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