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Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Sat Nov 16 12:59:24 CET 2013

hrmpff... So my mailer spoiled my ascii table artwork :(
Here it comes again:

On 15.11.2013 17:34, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------
>> 8.) The BF Blender area and the Addons area contain
>> links and buttons.
>> Would it be possible to show the buttons as links
>> instead ? That would make the page look more
>> organized (imho)
>> -----------------------------------------------------
> I made them buttons to attract more attention than the other links,
> since they seem like the most common action new users or developers
> would want to do.

What about:

-  change "... More Projects" to "more Projects ..." or "more ..."
-  use the same font size as the other entries but with boldface
-  Place the "more ..." link either aligned to the left column
     or to the right column (or into the title bar,see below)

After trying a bit ... what about this ? (working with boldface):

   BF Blender   |    Addons        |   Top 10 Subprojects (more ...)
Report Bug     | Report Bug       | Animation Motion tracking
Browse Bugs    | Browse Bugs      | Cycles Sculpt & Paint
Browse Patches | Browse Addons    | Compositing Translations
Submit Patch   | Submit new Addon | Game Engine     User interface
                |                  | Mesh Modelling Websites

note: the "top 10 Subprojects" title would not be a link,
        only the part labelled "more ..."
note: "Sculpt & Paint" is just a shortcut i used
        to keep the line length below 72.

I apologize for the noise :(


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