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Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Sat Nov 16 12:53:07 CET 2013


just wanted to note, that I very much appreciated the switch to
Phabricator and I'm adopting it for our internal project tracking within
our music store.
(A very big thank you to Sergey and Brecht for pointing me to the tool,
I never heard before and I find exceptionally great the more I learn
about it's inner workings!)

My solution for the nerdy naming issue was adding proper translation
support to Phabricator in my own tree using gettext.

That way, I can easily keep my phabricator version in sync with upstream
and still have a sensible naming scheme, everyone will understand.
(Besides the fact,
that I'm also totally abusing Phabricator for managing non technical
stuff and my users don't speak English, so I had to translate everything
to German anyways, but that's a different story).

If you want to take a look:


I try to push the gettext-stuff upstream, when I've completed my German
version of Phabricator as a full fletched proof of concept.

The smaller version of the same idea would be to add a simple
Blender/English translator class, that derives from
PhabricatorBaseEnglishTranslation and just does the blenderish renaming
and everything should be in place.


Peter Schlaile <peter at schlaile.de>

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