[Bf-committers] developer.blender.org

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Fri Nov 15 16:38:53 CET 2013


I played a bit with the developer.blender.org pages.
And here is a bit of hopefully useful feedback:

1.) When i open one of the main areas "Differential",
"Maniphest", etc... Then i get a top line (bread-crumb?)
with the selected area's icon on the left side.

It would be nice if the Area name also appears somewhere
so that i always see immediately where exactly i am,
this could be simply a page title for example.
but also see the next point:

2.) I figured that i get back to the home page by
clicking on the blender logo.

Would it be possible to add a "back to overview" icon
to the top line ? So that the top line looks something

Home > Maniphest > Search

Then we could get back home by clicking on "Home".

Of course "Home" and "Maniphest" could still be icons,
although i personally have a small preference for having
a textual bread-crumb line. But if it must be icons then
could you add tooltips to them ? see also:

3.) On the top most line (right to the blender logo) there
are a couple of icons. Could these icons get tool tips ?
For now i have to click on the icon to see what it is about.
This is annoying especially when you try the right most one :)

4.) Who are the "People" in the people area ?

5.) the 3 top areas "BF Blender", "Addons" and "All projects"
on the home page confused me a bit first.I suspect these
3 areas are sort of most important projects. And i can get
to the appropriate Project by clicking on the title.

However when i click on "All Projects" the i end up in the
list of active projects.

Here is what i would prefer:
Could we get a small list of project queries in the
Organization area of the left sidebar instead. Then
this part of the sidebar would look like:

People | projects | [LIST]

where LIST is a list of links to:

- Active (Projects)
- Joined (Projects)
- All (Projects)

If this can be done, then i have yet another
follow up point:

6.) On the home page, there is a "Projects" link in the
left sidebar (right to "people" icon) AND there is an area
named "All projects" on the top right corner of the
screen which contains 10 projects. I suspect these are the
top 10 projects of Blender ? Then could this area be renamed
"Top 10 Projects" and the link to active projects removed
from the title ?

This would work nicely together with point 5.) above,
because then we'd have the "active projects" link in
the navigation bar.

7.) The BF Blender Area contains 3 links to:

Browse Bugs
Report Bug
Submit Patch

I miss the entry for "Browse Patches"

8.) The BF Blender area and the Addons area contain
links and buttons.

Would it be possible to show the buttons as links
instead ? That would make the page look more
organized (imho)


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