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Peter Gragert pkhgragert at gmail.com
Mon Nov 4 13:29:35 CET 2013

Even I could answer question 2)

There are even now lots of persons to make blender better and better,
meaning a lot of expertize is given for nothing (but fun to do it) to
And a 'thank you so much!' from leaders of the project.


2013/11/4 Keighley, Joseph <JK5AMT at bolton.ac.uk>

> I'm a student at the university of Bolton in England and I have been
> tasked with finding an open source piece of software and looking at how
> open source has benefited it.
> I hope you will answer these questions for me
> 1) How has Blender being open source helped it develop?
> 2) Why was the project originally chosen to be open source?
> 3)What kind of audience is Blender aimed at?
> Yours sincerely
> Joseph Keighley
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