[Bf-committers] OpenCollada versions and the Blender build

Bastien Montagne montagne29 at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 24 17:51:47 CET 2013

As opencollada is hosted on git, you do not identify revisions by 
numbers, but rather by sha1 checksums...

Btw, latest commit currently working with blender is 
c89cf095c40aa2a518b1104c448825eacc92d174, next one introduces a change 
in API. :/

PS: under linux we don’t seem to need any patch?


On 24/03/2013 15:53, Campbell Barton wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 9:05 PM, Gaia<gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org>  wrote:
>> Hi;
>> I have looked up the OpenCollada libraries in Blender's lib folder.
>> I found libraries for Windows and Darwin.
>> And i was told that OpenCollada has no reference releases.
>> Currently following versions of the OpenCollada libraries
>> are available in the lib:
>> svn 768 + 1 patch lib/darwin-8.0.0-powerpc/opencollada/
>> svn 768 + 1 patch      lib/darwin-8.x.i386/opencollada/
>> svn 768 + 4 patches(*) lib/darwin-9.x.universal/opencollada/
>> svn 839 + 1 patch      lib/mingw32/opencollada/
>> svn 869 + 1 patch      lib/mingw64/opencollada/
>> svn 839 no patch       lib/win64/opencollada/
>> svn ??? patched?       lib/win64/opencollada/vc2010/
>> svn 839 no patch       lib/win32/opencollada/
>> svn ??? patched?       lib/win32/opencollada/vc2010/
>> (*)I found 1 patch for Collada svn 768 and 3 patches for Collada svn 839
>> I believe it would be more convenient to exactly know which
>> version of OpenCollada is used in which version of Blender.
>> And i think that using the same version of OpenCollada in all Blender
>> builds would be desirable.
>> I had the idea to simply take a reference copy of the OpenCollada
>> sources into the blender lib folder and then always build from that
>> reference
>> point. And add an optional switch into the blender build system that
>> would allow to BUILD_COLLADA_LIBS
>> I am not sure if that is feasible. But i have no better idea except
>> keeping it all as it is, which sounds even worse to me.
>> cheers,
>> Gaia
> Committing sources projects in 'lib/' overkill IMHO, if building from
> a specific version with patches applied is too much hassle we should
> have a fork of opencollada and manage patches there.
> This works for us with OpenShadingLanguage.
> - To be clear Im not suggesting we fork OpenCollada project, just do
> this as a way to make sure everyone builds from same repo with same
> patches applied.
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