[Bf-committers] Some ideas for improving the Remesh Modifier

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Wed Jul 31 15:11:33 CEST 2013


Today i found an example for the remesh tool used in Z-brush.
I was amazed about the quality of the resulting mesh which was
shown in 2 screen shots in this forum thread:


So i looked at the Blender remesh modifier to see how that
compares.And then i started to develop some ideas. Now i
wonder if my thoughtsare useful proposals for improvement
and how hard it is toimplement:

- Keep holes in mesh open after remesh
   to better match the original. Apparently
   this is important for remeshing clothes.

- Preserve boundary edge shapes
   So that holes in a mesh keep very similar shaped
   as the original mesh.Apparently this is also
   important for remeshing clothes.

- Preserve boundary locations
   like above, but also keep the vertices
   and vertex locations on boundary edges untouched.
   Thus only reshape the inner vertices.
   This could be useful when boundaries must match to
   adjacent objects.

- Allow the reshape modifier to be used before an
   Armature modifier on the modifier stack.
   Right now armature modifiers do no longer work when
   preceded by a Remesh Modifier. Adding the Remesh Modifier
   below the Armature Modifier results in the remesh
   changingdepending on the pose.

- Allow 'curvature dependent' remesh, such that where the
   originalmesh has high curvature (like hands of a character)
   the remesh wouldcreate smaller (and more) faces.

- Possibly add a vertex group option to manually define
   changesin the density of the remeshed mesh.


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