[Bf-committers] Patch [#36029] improvements to spline behavior with a SINGLE handle selected

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 17:00:51 CEST 2013

ping... now that 2.68 is out can I get some feedback on this?

I made two alternative patches here. They both fix the same set of bugs in

- add tooltips to the handle-type-set menu (yay!)

- fix a visual bug where selected spline handles are highlighted incorrectly

- allow (S)cale to alter the length of a single handle without changing
it's rotation, just like double-handle scale does for two handles.

They both also add a small visual. I know this visual isn't perfect, though
it seems not terribly offensive, and it visually clarifies behavior which
is currently invisible. Open to suggestions about better visuals.


The above changes are included in this patch, and I think they are rather



I also made another patch which includes all of the above, but goes a bit
further. It makes a change to spline-handle set which makes it's behavior
match the documentation, the English definition of the word "free", and IMO
makes it more intuitive. However, the small amount of user feedback I've
been able to collect about this has been mixed, with some users preferring
it and some users preferring the current behavior.

I understand if this change is less preferred..


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