[Bf-committers] Patch [#36028] New 4-column layout for the editor-type-selector menu...

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Mon Jul 8 05:24:39 CEST 2013

Imho, "alphabetical" means not quite ideal for i18n UI display.

In fact, the current list already got well-classified if looking closely a
bit. However, if there really needs to be any goal for quick look-ups, I
think a better solution would probably be trying to "stress" the role of
icons, since images usually are more easier to identify than texts,
everyone likes them. I mean, just imagine a software without icons :). In
orther words, I mean it would be to* scale the default size of those icons
a little bit* for the more eaiser and quick identification, probably.

Second solution:
Probably it could be considered to try *adding Shortcuts display* for them,
I mean the current Shift + F1 to F12 thing. I know it's the most simple
"trick" for all experts, which is well-known for sure. However, for new
users? I doubt so. So, it may protencially suggestting those who want to
use as many shorcuts as they can (and will) a more direct way to switch
among editors.

On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 10:45 PM, Harley Acheson <harley.acheson at gmail.com>wrote:

> I still think this has nothing to do with the list being too large.
> The order of the items on the list changes depending on whether
> it pops up or down, so we can't just remember them visually by
> location.  And the order is non-visual so we have to do a linear
> scan instead of a binary one.  We have to read almost all the
> items almost all the damn time.
> If we didn't do the swap, we could have any arrangement of
> items and it wouldn't matter much because they would stay
> in the same place. "3D View" would always be at the top, and
> the item that is 1/3 down would always be there.
> Make the order *alphabetical* and we can then do a binary
> scan to find the items instead of a linear one. Combine the two
> and we could make the list much longer and we could still find
> items in it faster that we do now.
> Cheers, Harley
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