[Bf-committers] Patch [#36029] improvements to spline behavior with a SINGLE handle selected

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Sun Jul 7 20:01:38 CEST 2013

FYI - After much deliberation about feedback on BA, I've decided to take a
different route than I did with Patch [#36029]. I am going to create a NEW
version of this spline-fix-patch which fixes the tooltips, bugs, and adds
"rotation constraint" visuals -- while leaving the current behavior
untouched -- where handle-set always affects only selected handles. I will
also fix the wiki documentation to match the current behavior.


I created this patch because I want the documentation, tooltips, behavior,
and visuals to all match -- it doesn't matter to me which way it works, so
long as it's clear. When I started, the only thing that I understood was
the documentation, partially because the current behavior is not documented
and partially because bugs in the visuals make it confusing. Now that I
fully understand the (intended) current behavior, I see a way to fix the
tooltips, docs, and visuals which will be (mostly) consistent with the
current behavior.

Some factors in my thinking:

- While using patch [#36029], I have seen that 90% of the confusion with
the current system can be eliminated simply by showing visuals for
"rotation constrained" handles.

- I can see the desire for handle-set behavior which only "touches" the
state of the handle(s) which are actually selected.

But mostly:

I've realized that the "behavior inconsistency" is not possible to
eliminate with *either* approach without breaking file-format compatibility
-- something which I don't think is worth it at this point. That
inconsistency is the overloading of "align" and "constraint" behavior, such
that an align handle in align/free is rotation constrained, but in
align/align is not rotation constrained. The overloading also has the
side-effect that there is no way to rotation-constrain both handles. Other
features which have been requested are also not possible without some
amount of file-format conversion/confusion.. including rotation
constraining both handles, and length-mirroring both handles.

... new patch coming soon.

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