[Bf-committers] Regarding the current usage of proportional edit

David Jeske davidj at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 04:44:31 CEST 2013

> import bpy
> km = bpy.context.window_manager.keyconfigs.default.keymaps["3D View"]
> kmi = km.keymap_items.new("wm.context_cycle_enum", 'O', 'PRESS',
> kmi.properties.data_path = "tool_settings.proportional_edit_falloff"

When I do this, I get the same behavior as the current. It cycles through
the options. I want it to pop-up the menu of all the proportional editing
options, like it does for "delete" when a vertex is selected in edit mode.
Did I do something wrong?

> It doesn't work because the rna path is used as an operator name.

I admit I don't understand enough about RNA, Python, and keymaps to know
what this means.

 As a "naive user" in this situation, I would really like it if I could
hover-over a control, look at the RNA/Python path, and type that directly
into a keymap to trigger the menu. I don't understand why I can't do this.
Heck, I'd like to be able to "right click" on the control and choose "make
shortcut" and get a nice panel to set it up. Any advice on how I make that

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