[Bf-committers] Multiple OpenGL Windows?

Sinan Hassani [email redacted]
Thu Jul 4 23:00:13 CEST 2013

On 13-07-04 07:31 AM, Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> I found some suspicious code in Blender that would set the environment
> variable SDL_VIDEODRIVER=dummy. I'm not sure if that's the cause of
> the problem, but I would expect such environment variables to
> influence child processes. That code is removed now in svn revision
> 57992 or newer, please test if it helps.
Hey this worked!!! Thanks Brecht!

I tested using daily buildbot build: 57997

However, I'm currently using Blender 2.68 RC1, but I will switch to 
57997, and if I find any bugs, I will make a note that I'm using build 
57997 instead of 2.68 RC1.

So I can confirm that as of build 57997, SDL 2.0 applications can be 
launched from within Blender.


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