[Bf-committers] Proposal/Potential Roadmap for Blender/BGE Integration

Sinan Hassani [email redacted]
Mon Jul 1 19:05:22 CEST 2013

What about external game engines?

The roadmap talks about Blender integration with engines that have their 
own editor like UDK/Unity. But what about those who are using engines 
that use Blender as the editor? I for example use Urho3D, there is also 

Do you plan on making changes to the BGE UI in 2.7/2.8/3.0? Will the API 
change? Will there be a "game interface" in Blender for game engines to 
make use of?

I require a game engine to use Blender as the editor, and in my plug-in, 
I'm currently making use of BGE's game interface. I only add more to the 
interface by implementing my own draw functions on top of BGE's (i.e. I 
don't implement a separate renderer).

So my main question is, will the plug-in UI / API change? And if so, 
will it change dramatically with this new BGE proposal?


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