[Bf-committers] Minimal Blender specs - 5 year old systems & OS

Jason Wilkins jason.a.wilkins at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 06:01:42 CET 2013

For my own work on Blender, I am assuming that we want to migrate away
from all of the functions deprecated in OpenGL 3, but only require
functionality available in OpenGL ES 2.

Everything else is treated as an extension.

However, what currently uses the fixed-function pipeline will be
re-implemented in a way that allows the code to easily fallback to the
fixed-function pipeline if OpenGL 1.1 is all we have.

We could eventually deprecate the 1.1 fallback, but that seems
unlikely because the re-implemented code will actually have LESS
functionality than OpenGL 1.1, at least in the beginning.

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