[Bf-committers] Minimal Blender specs - 5 year old systems & OS

Chad Fraleigh chadf at triularity.org
Tue Jan 29 23:53:22 CET 2013

On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 7:11 AM, Thomas Dinges <blender at dingto.org> wrote:
> I can only fully agree with this.
> It becomes a pain to support old systems, especially Windows XP and old
> GPUs.
> Not only do we support hardware / software longer than other 3D
> software, as Blender is free people can also always stick to an older
> version.

A question then.. if some older versions use bundled libs with
security bugs in them, how do they use blender on old hardware without
the risk of being hacked (perhaps just from opening an image file)?

Also, I'm a little iffy on assuming large screen resolutions (as that
is just realestate, not a technical support issue). If developers just
assume larger and larger screens, then they tend to waste/abuse it.
Has anyone here ever used the AWS console.. one of their windows
*assumes* people have a large screen and some apply/confirm buttons
are placed at the bottom (with NO vertical scrollbar) even though
there is a big gap of space above them. I have to open it in it's own
window since the tabs in my browser make my content window just small
enough not to be able to reach these buttons. Also in general, I don't
run my windows maximized -- this isn't DOS with one app at a time (or
the same effect by taking over the entire screen). I have to shrink my
blender window down some every time I start it so I can see some of my
other windows (I guess there is a way to change that default, maybe,
but I haven't searched very hard to find it yet).

I'm not saying old hardware should be supported forever, but don't
assume "if newer hardware can do it that users use it that way".


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