[Bf-committers] Collada improvements from gsoc 2012 added

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Mon Jan 21 15:25:30 CET 2013

Hi all;

I just have merged the Collada improvements from gsoc-2012 to the
development branch. The improvements where mainly in the animation
support and as far as i can see we now have:

- exported skeletons now reimport with correct bone sizes
- shape keys are now exported/reimported
- exports have been tested to work well with Second Life
- exports show warnings when imported to Maya
- I have added an export option for enbabling the export of shape keys.

I will make some more tests regarding import to Maya as this is not yet as
good as it should be. If you are using the Collada module then i would be
very happy to get some feedback when it breaks things for you. Best would
be to create reports in that case.


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