[Bf-committers] Patch for adding Remove Doubles functionality to Decimate modifier

Kai Kostack kaikostack at gmx.net
Mon Jan 14 17:43:21 CET 2013

Hi Campbell,

> Why would you want this? - The example given with the patch shows
> edge-split modifier, then remove doubles which seems quite contrived.

Obviously this example should just show what the modifier does and how it can be tested in the most simple way.

Some use cases have already been pointed out but here are some more I found:
http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=498&aid=29638 (see comments)

I have to admit, beside all this I personally have a strong interest in it, because of my work on the Demolition feature. I don't know if you're familiar with it, but it uses separate mesh segments for soft body simulations to make them topologically tearable. In the end you may want not torn segments to become reconnected again to get your smooth surface back.
(I know this isn't a valid reason to have remove doubles included, just wanted to mention it.)

> also - if I wanted to remove doubles as a modifier, I dont think Id
> expect to find it inside the decimate modifier as an option.

It acts very much as a decimate modifier (functionality wise), so I thought it would fit perfectly there. If you increase the merge distance value, more and more geometry gets removed. It's pretty much what all other decimation methods do. At least it decimates the mesh by duplicated vertices.

But if you guys prefer it as an extra modifier, this wouldn't be a problem at all. Since I implemented it at first as such and have a patch for this ready too. If you want I can upload this one as well.

Thanks for your time. :)

-- Kai

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