[Bf-committers] Simplified Header Stats (with icons)

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Fri Jan 4 12:51:25 CET 2013

Why is the Memory statistics so important that it has to come first in 
the row ?
I am also not sure about what the 2 memory values mean. I guess it is
file size and internal memory usage ?

Based on that assumption, what about a small change like this:


- I made the Blender logo and the Version number more like one unit
- I added some space between the statistics and the Blender version
- I moved the Memory usage to the far right side of the statistic string
- I separated file size to show in the Header near the file name

btw: If a statistic-flyout will ever be considered as option, then
the "open flyout" icon could be placed between the blender version
and the statistic string.


On 04.01.2013 01:37, Harley Acheson wrote:
> Hello,
> Since the idea of having icons at that location won't fly, I decided to
> make a new patch that simply modifies the existing statistics string to
> incorporate the many lessons learned in this exercise, but without using
> icons.
> My goal was to make it simpler, more readable, add new features, but still
> keep the length within what we see now. The vertical bars are removed. I
> find that those compete with the information there and can quickly look
> like a number one.  Using whitespace to separate the areas does not have
> the same effect.  I also added a space after each colon because that helps
> the readability. It shows memory usage at all times, not just in object
> mode like now.
> Currently, while in Object mode the statistics are for the entire scene. So
> you know how many faces there are in total, but not how many are in each
> object. You can only get those by entering Edit mode.  With this change you
> can see how many vertices/faces/tris comprise each object without entering
> edit mode.
> If the selected count is zero or equal to the total count then only the
> total is shown.  So you don't see "0/213456" or "213456/213456".  Face and
> triangle counts are shown when editing text objects, and you generally see
> the proper information in each mode. the count of of hidden objects is now
> shown.
> In order for this to all fit within the same space I combined the object
> count into one area with active object name.  It also shows only total
> memory used (instead of current total minus memory mapped and then memory
> mapped in brackets). Memory doesn't have a "Mem:" label since it is fairly
> obvious what it is with "MB" behind the number.
> The following image compares the current behavior against what you see with
> the patch. Obviously I am hoping that you find the bottom of each pair more
> readable than each top one:
> http://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/9/127/33573/23396/StatisticsStringOnly.png
> The patch is here if you want to try it:
> http://projects.blender.org/tracker/download.php/9/127/33573/23397/StatisticsString.diff
> Cheers, Harley
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