[Bf-committers] Linux package maintainers

Prashant Sohani prashant.sohani at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 00:12:45 CET 2013

While a loader that directly downloads from blender.org could be more
convenient for the end user, I think that is not necessarily the most
important concern of the distro maintainers.. rather, they want bundled
libraries to move out of source as much as possible, some of their reasons
being along the lines mentioned at
 Apart from which, the article and comments at
http://lwn.net/Articles/378865/ seem to make strong suggestions either way.

On the whole, in the interest of code reusability (which in my opinion is
an important principle in FOSS, even in the face of 'apparent'
impracticality) and security, perhaps we could externally link some of the
more standard libraries, without sacrificing end-user convenience too much?
(No idea which ones those would be, though.. not even sure if such are


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