[Bf-committers] proposal for better integration of addon functionality

Gaia gaia.clary at machinimatrix.org
Tue Feb 26 10:41:14 CET 2013


Currently you can not tell if a button or a panel has been added by an 
We also can not always add additional functionality to meaningful locations.

A hypothetical example:

Lets say my addon has added a new transform function in Object mode:

    "Transform Origin to Active"

The natural location for that new option would be (marked with "[A]"):

Object -> Transform -> ...

                        Origin to Geometry
Origin to 3D Cursor
                    [A] Origin to Active

                        Randomize Transform

But an addon can not add new menu entries "inbetween" existing entries.
We only can add a menu entry to the top or the bottom of a menu.
And we can not tell if a function has been added by an Addon or if it is
a Blender default.

A possible solution:

1.) mark menu buttons as addon using a color code and/or an icon, 
similar to how blender 2.49 marked python scripts.
2.) Optional: allow to click on the marker icon and get beamed to the 
online documentation of that function (currently available under RMB -> 
Online manual)
3.) Allow to add menu buttons at any functional reasonable location 
within a menu.

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